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SMSF Specialist Accreditation Course (On-Demand)

Suitable for Accountants and Planners

SMSF Specialist Accreditation Course (On-Demand)
SMSF Specialist Accreditation Course (On-Demand)

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Zoom Webinar

About this event

Why this SMSF Course? The first step is to reskill, retool and rewire your SMSF brain. You know your way around the legislation in a broad sense but now comes the fun, reading, relating and building on what you know for multi-member funds.  The best person to help you achieve that in as quick a time as possible - Grant Abbott.  

Grant has taught more than 1,500 accountants and planners to be SMSF strategists including many of the leading lights in the industry.  He is the pioneer of  SMSF strategies from all sides and angles - divorce, dementia, blended families, segregated investment strategies, imputation and tax credit costing, family asset protection, family asset streaming on death, capital and income streaming in SMSF unit trusts and the list goes on and on. With all families being different, SMSF strategies are built, bespoke for a family, from the ground up.  They don't come in a can and you cannot learn them from the internet or going to 100 SMSF conferences.  You need to get involved, sleeves rolled up with Grant, poring over the laws and building Family SMSF case studies.  So if a client comes to you and says that their granddaughter has been diagnosed with Leukaemia and they want to help out financially, you have the tools and strategy to do that in an instant plus get a tax deduction for it!  A SMSF to the family's rescue.

$5 of all ticket sales donated to our chosen charity. To find out more, click here.




25 hours - SAPEPAA, TPB and CAANZ plus 3 hour Professionalism, 3 Hour client care and 5 hours ethics and 14 hours technical


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