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Our world-class educators are here to teach YOU

Whether it is live, on-line live or on demand, LYTG is building an academy filled with world class trainers for each of its leading brands – AI Academy, I love SMSF, SAPEP Academy. Each session has a training outcome with set skills level and knowledge improvements. We pride ourselves on delivering value and more importantly employable strategies to make your professional and personal life take off.


Our Trainers

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Head Trainer




About Grant:

Grant has given more than 2,000 presentations and training sessions on a wide variety of subjects in the financial services field. He has authored five books on SMSFs, been instrumental in the establishment of the SMSF Association and the Succession, Asset Protection and Estate Planning Advisers Association.


  • SMSFs specialist adviser course

  • SAPEPAA accreditation course

  • Advanced Estate Planning

  • Succession Planning

  • Advanced Companies and Trusts

  • Advanced Asset Protection

head shot Mark.jpg



B.Economics (Acc) CPA  Master Coach


About Mark:

Mark has a tonne of business and leadership experience acquired through life, study and business. He has a Bachelor of Economics and is a CPA. He has held roles such as CEO, CFO, General Operations Manager in corporations with turnover in excess of $100M. He has built and sold several businesses, the last of which was a financial services group where he held the initial role of Partner, and then Managing Director.

Added to this, Mark is qualified as a master coach, High Performance Team Trainer and NLP practitioner, and has held seminars, workshops, one-on-one training and coaching sessions with thousands of business owners and their teams. 


  • High Performance Teams

  • High Performance Leadership

  • Mindset for Success

  • Time Management & Delegation

  • Communication for Influence

  • Motivate and Inspire Your Team

  • A Change Through Value

  • GROW your Bottom - Line


Amanda Cassar


Specialist – SMSFA SSA™ Specialist – ACS Aged Care Professional™


About Amanda:

Amanda has been in financial services since 1991 and has a passion for ongoing learning, currently attending Strategic Coach® workshops. She is the Director of Wealth Planning Partners and Trusted Aged Care Services based on the Gold Coast.

She is also the co-creator of the Financial Abuse Specialist™ accreditation and holds a Master of Financial Planning.

Amanda loves to travel and has worked with The Hunger Project in Uganda, Malawi & India; and Hands Across the Water in Thailand. She is also a public speaker and has featured on the MDRT international stage, BBC Radio in the UK and locally for insurers, fund managers, businesses and associations.


  • Investment Strategies for SMSF

  • Long term investments for Testamentary Trusts + Estates

  • Financial Abuse

  • Aged Care

Headshot MJ.png

Michael Jeffriess

Head Trainer

B.Com Juris GradDipCA



About Michael:

Michael is a master of reengineering a compliance and tax accounting practise to have more time for strategies, clients and accountants love! Leading strategist in positioning for maximised practise value plus the important “how to” of hybrid strategies.


He is founding director of We Love Group and the Succession, Asset Protection and Estate Planning Advisers Association. He is also a director and company secretary of LightYear Group Pty Ltd. Michael has extensive experience across both commercial roles encompassing CFO / COO positions in ASX listed and private entities as well as partner in accounting and advisory firms.


  • Outsourcing

  • Employment Share Plans

  • Advanced Asset Protection

  • Advanced Companies and Trusts

DSC_0420 Edited.jpg





About Ashley:

Ashley has over 20 years auditing SMSFs, with the last 15 years specialising in SMSF audit, SMSF audit training and SMSF audit software development.  He has delivered group and private training sessions for accounting firms, and provided training for various professional associations and accounting bodies.  Ashley has also been part of ASIC’s SMSF Auditor Registration working group and the ATO’s SMSF Auditor working group.


  • SMSF Audit

  • SMSF Audit Training

  • SMSF Audit Software Development

  • Accounting and Legal Technology

Screen Shot 2022-10-06 at 4.52.34 pm.png

Christopher Henry



About Chris:

Chris is a marketing guru who has assisted entrepreneurs in maximising their potential through branding and sales strategies. He has done everything from kick-starting start-ups to providing accomplished companies with a new life through his expertise. Working with people from various industries, from car companies to real estate and from tech to cosmetics, Chris has been the brains behind some of Australia’s most prominent marketing campaigns.

Chris is the CEO at Noize, Australia's leading branding agency, marketing firm, and business growth strategy group. He was a Young Entrepreneur Finalist and has featured in national television publications for multiple business ventures.


  • Business Development

  • Sales Strategy

  • Marketing Strategy

  • Branding

  • Digital Strategy

  • Automation

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