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Elevate Your Accounting or Advisory Firm to Unstoppable Heights

Unlock Your Potential with Expert Guidance


Are you ready to take your accounting or advisory firm to the next level? The Unstoppable Growth Mentor Package is designed for those who are truly ready to level up in business and in life. 


You'll receive privy access to high-level and detailed insights, skills, and knowledge. Plus, we'll fuel you with the confidence you need to excel and stand out in this competitive industry.

Are you an accountant or adviser struggling to navigate the complex world of succession, asset protection, and estate planning? Frustrated by the missed opportunities and untapped potential in your business? Tired of spinning your wheels with the same old strategies when the rest of the world has moved on? The Unstoppable Growth Mentor Package is for you.

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Exclusive Offer:
Unstoppable Growth Mentor Package

  • Unstoppable Growth Mentor Package

    Are you ready to take your accounting or advisory firm to the next level?
    Valid for 12 months
    • Expert Mentorship: 6 x Monthly Group Sessions
    • SAPEPAA 3-Day Course
    • 10 x LYTG Courses
    • 6 x Monthly Personalised Client Emails
    • Marketing Audit and Meeting
    • Value Add Meeting
    • Networking Opportunities

Why the Unstoppable Growth Mentor Package?

Expert Mentorship: 6 x Live Monthly Group Coaching with our Master Trainers including Grant Abbott, Michael Jeffriess, Ben Gill and more. 

Gain access to seasoned professionals with years of experience in accounting and advisory. Our mentors have successfully navigated the industry and are ready to share their knowledge, strategies, and insider tips with you. Ask anything – technical queries to operations to strategic marketing insights. (Value: $6,000)

SAPEPAA 3-Day Course: 

Master the arts of Succession, Asset Protection, and Estate Planning. (Value: $2,495)

Comprehensive Skill Development - 10 x LYTG Courses: 

Dive deep into SMSF estate planning, understanding the roles of the Protector, the Enforcer, navigating blended families, and much more! (Value: $2,950)

6 x Monthly Personalised Client Emails: 

Ready-to-send emails that will energise your clients about your advisory services. (Value: $900)

Marketing and Branding Consultation:

Receive a scorecard and meeting with the team from We Love Marketing to elevate your brand, tighten your message, and boost your online presence. (Value: $500)


Value-add Strategy Session: 

Discovery meetings with the team at We Love Group to review your business and provide a plan to elevate it to an unstoppable growth position (Value: $1,500)

Networking Opportunities: 

Join a community of like-minded professionals and expand your professional network. Our coaching program offers opportunities to connect with peers, industry leaders, and potential employees, opening doors to new career opportunities. (Value: infinite)

Total Package Value: greater than $14,000 plus exponential value added to your business - in both income and as a sellable asset. 

Exclusive Deal for Unstoppable Growth Conference Attendees: $2,500

Hurry, Offer Valid for the First 50 Enrollees Only.

Don't Miss Out on This Unstoppable Growth Opportunity! Your journey to becoming a sought-after Adviser starts here.


Join now and create a monumental shift in your business! Are you ready?

Exponential Wealth Secrets.
Build a Life of Freedom.

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Michael Jeffriess

CEO LightYear Docs

As director, shareholder, and consultant in several award-winning companies, Michael Jeffriess has carved his name as a renowned expert in business and finance. He is the regular host and panelist on education webinars to the accounting and advisory industries, as well as podcast host. Michael is also on the ​board of Succession, Asset Protection, and Estate Planning Advisers Association.

Grant Abbott

Director of Legal & LightYear Training Group

Grant has established many businesses including NowInfinity, the Strategist Group, SMSF Strategies, I Love SMSF, LightYear Docs, and LightYear Training Group. LightYear Group is Grant's most exciting business yet and provides business tools, learning, resources and strategies that make a real difference in the lives of clients of accountants and financial planners. LightYear Group partners with Abbott & Mourly Lawyers, so every document has legal sign off. Grant also chairs the Succession, Asset Protection and Estate Planning Advisers Association.

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Ben Gill

Director, Head of Sales

Ben Gill joined LYD as Chief Sales Officer in October 2021

after spending the last decade working with accountants

and helping them move to cloud based products to

help grow their firms. Ben is passionate about helping

businesses improve their processes and bottom line and

is a very well respected figure in the industry. Ben has also

represented Australia in Basketball and has just had his

first child Isabella.

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